Keyword research is the most important step of SEO?

Keyword research is the most important step of every seo project for 2 reasons:

  1. If you rank your site highly for the wrong keyword you can send up sending lots of time and efforts, only to discover the keywords you have targeted doesn’t receive any traffic
  2. If you haven’t investigated the competitiveness of your keywords, you can end up investing lots of time and effort into a particular keyword only to find it is far too competitive to rank even on the first page

These two pitfalls are often the ultimate decider on how successful any SEO project is

How to avoid these pitfalls and how to find the best keyword?

What exactly is a keyword?

If you are an SEO newbie, you may be wondering – what is a keyword?

A keyword is any phrase you would like your site to rank for in Google’s search result . keyword can be a single word or a combination of words. Single word are extremely competitive and difficult to rank highly for in the search result .

Some different kind of keywords :

  • Head-term keyword: keywords with one to two keywords , for ex. : classic movies
  • Longtail keywords: keywords with two or more phrases . ex : phri 2019 course for arab
  • Navigational keywords : keyword use to locate a particular brand or website. Ex : Facebook, YouTube, Gmail
  • Informational Keywords : keywords used to discover a particular topics , this include keywords beginning with “ how to …. “ , “ what are the best …. “
  • Transactional Keywords :  keywords entered into Google by customers wanting to complete a commercial action . ex : buy jacket online .

In most cases targeting head-term or navigational keyword for other brands is competitive and not worth the time or effort . despite their high traffic numbers, they will generally not lead to any sales .

On the other hand , long-tail , transformation & transnational keyword are good keywords for most SEO projects. They will lead to more customers

How to generate a massive list of keywords

Before you can find keywords with loads of traffic in Google , you must first develop a list of potential keywords relevant to your business so relevance is vital . ex: if you are an online football jacket retailer in the US , examples of relevant keywords might be :

Buy football jackets

Buy football jackets online

Online football jacket store

Keeping relevance in mind , you must develop a list of potential keyword combination to use as a resource , so you can then go and uncover the best keywords with  decent amount of traffic each month in Google

Some Powerful Strategies you can use to help with generating this list :

  1. Steal Keywords from Competitors

If you are feeling sneaky, you can let your competitor do the heavy lifting for you and snatch up keywords from their sites

There are many tools out there created for this sole purpose. A simple and free tool is keyword density checker. if you enter a page into this tool within seconds it will scrape a list of the keywords your competitor has optimized into their page. You can then use this to bulk out your keyword list

2- Brainstorm your own master list

Assuming competitor have been thorough with their research is not always the best strategy. By brainstorming combination of keywords , you can generate a gain list of potential keywords

To do this , sketch out  grid of words you target customer might use. Split the words into different prefixes and suffixes. Next, combine them into one giant list using the free merge words tool.

With this strategy, you can quickly & easily build up a massive list of relevant keywords :

You can find this tool in

Example :

Prefix :

  • Buy
  • Where do I buy

Middle Word :

  • Jerseys
  • Uniforms
  • Jackets

Suffixes :

  • Online

Combined Keywords :

  • Jerseys
  • Jerseys online
  • Uniforms
  • Uniforms online
  • Jackets
  • Jackets online
  • Buy Jerseys
  • Buy Uniforms
  • Buy Uniforms online
  • Buy Jerseys online
  • Buy Jackets online
  • Where do I buy Jackets
  • Where do I buy Jackets online
  • Etc ……

How to find keywords that will send traffic to your website

Now, you have a list of keyword . you need to understand how much traffic these keywords receive in Google. Without search traffic data , you could end up targeting keywords with zero searches. Armed with the right knowledge , you can target keywords with hundreds or even thousands of potencial visitors every month.

If you have a Google Ad campaign running with Google and already spending  a modest amount , then you are in the clear so you can access this info for free in their keyword planner tool but if this is not you , the other option is to use a paid keyword research tool for a small monthly fee , such as .

As a result of Google making search data unavailable to free users, free keyword tool disappeared from the market. Making paid research tool the only viable option for finding traffic data for keywords these days

If you are on a tight budget , then you can sign up for a paid plan with one of the many paid keyword research tools on the market then ask for a refund after doing you research other wise you are running blind

What Is the steps after that :

  1. Estimating Keyword Traffic data with Google keyword planner
  2. Estimating Keyword traffic data with a paid tool like Kw-finder
  3. Rank your keywords in 4 steps

That 3 items will be discussed in other article

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