Understanding your core audience

Your core audience are those individuals whom you are specifically catering to. And if you lose them your business will go under, when companies don’t understand their core customer are then a company’s marketing message fall in deaf ears.

Your marketing will never be truly effective unless you are crystal clear on who your audience preferences are. Let’s go back to the kids’ clothes shop.

if you believe that your core customer are kids, you are completely wrong so kids will never be your customer unless they are able to make a purchasing decision

Who’s your customer?

If you leave it parent? You have an oversimplified view, parents are who ones that make the purchasing decisions but parents is a broad term so we need to dig deeper.

Let’s assume that we sell girls clothes then your core customer is mothers. So, you could focus on mothers and daughters but mothers will have the final say. you might also ask what about fathers? What if your core customers are daughters and dads because in some families, father is the person who take the final decision of purchasing.

So, your sales stuff would be trained to assist dads in understanding what’s in and out with regard to girl’s fashion.

Once you have a good idea of your value proposition and your core audience or the preferences of your target audience you can move on to your brand

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