How to plan your You Tube Channel

Because of this subject have a too many topics so will divide it to a number of articles include :

  1. Goals , Passion & Audience
  2. Video Format of Youtube
  3. The Gear you need
  4. Editing & Post Production

Before you switch on your camera and start broadcast video into the universe, take some time and think about :

#Why_Creating_a_Youtube_Channel &
What your goals are?

If you are completely focused on numbers & analytics, it can be disheartening at times but if your goal is just to make some quick cash , I can assure you there are much easier and faster ways to make money online other than YouTube videos

Why do you want to create a YouTube channel?

  • Showcase your creativity?
  • Make Money?
  • Make Friends
  • Build a brand?
  • Market Your business
  • Tell a story
  • Promote a product
  • Showcase your work and get a job
  • Increase traffic to your blog or website

YouTube is an amazing platform for all of these things and all of them are legitimate reasons to start a channel

Who is your audience?

We publish before an article that talk about how to know your core audience , you can check it . in addition this article you can decide your target audience by asking yourself some questions honestly :

  • Will anybody want to see these kinds of videos you produce
  • If your answer is yes, who are they?
  • Why are they going to watch ?
  • What is the best way to communicate with them ?
  • How are they going to find your channel

Audience VS Community

When it comes to our videos, I prefer to say community instead of audience. in all honesty, interacting with any successes YouTube channel, communities have probably been the most rewarding aspect of being a YouTube producer. We have gotten to know these people. The channel is not a success without that people and we take them into consideration with every decision we make.

Don’t make a mistake and treat your viewer with respect.  

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