How To make yourself visible on YouTube

You tube is filled with millions upon millions of videos. thus, you need to make sure   that your channel and content stand out. In addition, you need to make it easy for your viewers to find you.

YouTube algorithms suggest videos to users depending on their selections and preferences.  However, the likelihood of your audience finding you thanks to YouTube’s algorithms are slim at best this is why you need to make your brand visible to users.

In essence there are two ways you can achieve this:

  • Build a successful channel with great content
    which your customer will gobble up. when a brand gain traction through a successful channel, it will become highly visible on the YouTube algorithm.

When videos get frequent hits, it ranks high in the algorithm and become visible to viewers these are the videos that appear as suggestions at the top of the homepage.

There are also cases in which videos start to “trend” when a video trends, it’s because it has become very popular in a very short period of time. this is common when videos reflect a trending topic or contain content that users become highly interested in

There also the case of viral videos. Videos are considered “viral” when they get millions of views in a very short period of time. It is nearly impossible to predict how or why a video may become viral, but when it does it can provide incredible exposure to brand.

It goes without saying that building a successful channel takes time and dedication. In particular, it requires consistency in the type of content that is delivered to viewers. Overtime a brand will utilizes content appropriately will connect with core audience in such a way that that will have a loyal following.

  • Way in which a brand can gain visibility is to piggyback on the popularity of famous YouTubers.
    YouTube has made an ordinary folks into superstars overnight. Also it is popularity which allows brand to capitalize on their following.

Youtubers come in all shapes and sizes. As such brand can find the stars and channels which resonate with their core audiences. Ex: a channel dedicated to fashion may develop a loyal following among teenage girls. Consequently, brands that offer fashion products for teenage
girls may choose to capitalize on the channel’s traction and become a paid advertiser

This approach is not easy for smaller brands which may not be able to afford to compete with larger brands  for advertising space that can afford to make sponsorship deals attractive to popular youtubers, this poses is a great opportunity for brand visibility.

Another approach that stems from piggybacking on other popular brands is through the purchase of advertising space in between videos. YouTube offers this option for brands to place their videos as advertising spots, either before a video begins or even during a video play

This strategy requires brands to produce their own videos, typically less than 30 seconds, so they may be played for viewers. It’s highly recommended that these videos deliver their message within the first 5 seconds as YouTube will only force viewers to watch them for 5 seconds before the viewers choose to click on it or dismiss it.

This strategy is essentially a pay per click approach. advertisers will only pay for the times users click on the video. Advertiser will have their pick of channels which have been deemed as suitable for advertising.

When video or channel receive this recognition, they are on the way to “monetizing” monetizing enable channels to make money every time a user clicks on an advertiser’s video while watching their own content.

Monetization is the ultimate goal of many youtubers as this can prove to be a lucrative endeavor.

In other article we will take a closer look at what monetization is and how YouTube channel can exploit this practice

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