Structuring Your Sales Funnel

Depending how you like to create your content, and how your ideal audience like to consume it there are several directions you can go with building out your funnel.

Regardless, I can’t emphasize enough how important it’s for you to own and control your sales funnel and leads, the best way to do this is by getting people to opt-in to an e-mail list that you build.

As attempting as it is to house your audience on one of the popular social media platforms that millions of peoples use each day, its also quite dangerous.

Ex: if you only build a huge following of subscribers on YouTube and only utilize You Tube’s platform to deliver your content to and communicate with your audience.

What happens if YouTube change the rules on you? What if YouTube one day says “hey, we are going to make you pay to reach your subscribers” or something else. This happened with Facebook from several years and caused great concentration and online bellyaching as a result.

But here’s the deal: Facebook owns that digital sandbox and all of its toys. so, if they want to change the rules overnight,

they can and make your powerless to stop them. The same is true of any social network and that’s why my main goal is to always get people.

I literally built my entire business using Facebook , twitter, YouTube but my main focus when I connect with someone on the world largest platform for professionals is always to get them off of social media network and over to my e-mail list via a free piece of content like, e-book, webinar or something similar

What simple content marketing funnel looks like

Lets move into what an actual sales funnel can looks like and how content plays a key part? you have to create some initial content that will serve you for all those prospects swimming around the digital sea.

If you have done Defining your target audience, then you should have a good idea of what is a good topic are going to catch that will be interested for your audience. Next you will want to structure your content in a way where it can give people a quick win and is simple to accomplish.

Example of piece of content ultimate LinkedIn profile template, which is copy and past simple and easy to execute.

And then people can see an immediate result and get some instant gratification by improving their LinkedIn profile without much pain or effort and that open them up to wanting to hear more.

When start your sales funnel , you want to find a piece of quick win content that will give your audience a tangible result with minimal effort. Important tip here is :

Your initial piece of content should promise and deliver your audience a tangible and desirable result with minimal effort

People Want Simple, Fast & Easy

When offer 2 similar pieces of content to the same audience. One piece of content was a series in-depth training videos that share one of your best tips and tactics for something you do it professionally in it.

The positioning of that content made it clear in the landing page that this video training went deep and you will learn a lot this series of online videos.

The other piece of content was a short e-book like infographic or template or ultimate guide to do something that was positioned as fast, easy & simple. Get the exact words, phrases and formatting hacks like “copy and paste simple … take just a few minutes to apply”

Both of content promised the same result but the e-book sounded much easier and simple to execute and as a result it generated way more e-mail. Never forget that people love the path of least resistance.  When given the choice of doing something easy or hard and getting a similar outcome, they will choose the easier path.

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