Understanding the Google Algorithm

This is the most important section about Google SEO. Once you understand what Google’s algorithm looks after 2019’s update to push some websites as opposed to others to the top of search ranking then we can take appropriate actions to give our websites a high chance of getting to the top of keywords.

Google actually gave this artificial intelligence a name when released in 2005, they named it RankBrain. RankBrain operate as a mass website sweeper that determines which website rank above or below other for a given keyword.

The algorithm looks at how users interact with searches and figures out which website are being click based on relevancy, quality, and content. The 3 largest factors RankBrain looks for is number 1 : click through rate, exactly which website are being clicked on for a specific keyword.

Dwell time : how long each user stay on a clicked website from a specific keyword. Bonus rate: how many viewers to a website leave after just the first page. Backlink: incoming clickable links to a web page.

When you trying to rank your website on Google for your keywords, the majority of SEO efforts must go towards gaining relevant, high quality backlinks so that Google will recognize your website as an authority for your keywords and rank you high.

Ex. : having a site about gambling link out a website of a soccer blog would be a horrible backlink because Google will instantly notice the lack of relevancy between the two websites and end up the punishing the linked website. Likewise getting a backlink from a relevant website will do wonders for your SEO rankings in the eye of Google because it indirectly suggests that you are “go-to” website for that niche.

The most important quality of backlink is just that the quality but getting a backlink from a website that has a low domain authority will provide you less credit than high domain authority credit. One of the things that some websites do is offer high authority websites money in exchange for these amazing backlinks and this is what we call Black-Hat SEO which means it goes against all Google’s terms of service and is subject to penalty.

Another important factor that Google’s algorithm looks for is your website’s speed. Google feels a slow loading website deserves to rank lower because it is the first thing that provide a bad user experience for a website. It’s important to note that gaining a fast speed only rank you higher at a certain speed.

Let’s some about some strategies to increase your website loading speed:

  1. Your hosting company matter a lot : the host of your website has a huge impact on your website load speed because some hosting companies priority fast servers while others do not.

    most people are well of with popular hosts like Godady or Hostgator and will do good with them. However, if you are in need to make a big upgrade to your website page speed then then the best hosting company in 2019 is WP-Engine. The first issue people have is their high hosting prices and it’s for good reason.

    in fact, I used many webhosting companies like Hostgator, Ipage, other but to be honest I’m not trying WP-Engine. But my website considered a heavy weight because it has a learning management system in addition a lot of plugins. I transferred my website form webhosting servers to others because of loading speed and stability of the website.

    lastly I found that HOSTGATOR is the best one that load my website quickly and stable well with no errors

  2. Picture Optimization: bigger files take much longer to download than a smaller files. The majority of a website’s weight lies in the images, so optimization of images can greatly affect your website speed

  3. Your website plugins : the number of plugins installed on your WordPress weight a ton on the speed of your website. Unnecessary plugins added into the server processing when loading a page and most websites has plugins that are simply not needed. There is no exact number of plugins recommended.

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