Building a Home for YOUTUBE Channel

We both love parties. Who doesn’t? there nothing better than good food and spending time with family and friends. however, it can be stressful when you invite gests over for the first time because you want to make good first impression. So, what do you do?

You try to clean up any messes in the house, you decorate and you make sure everything is ready to welcome your guests. In the same way your YOU-TUBE channel serves as the home for your content. So, make sure it welcomes your guests and make a good impression.

The first step off course, is creating your channel. this is where your content lives it’s like a website and something you can personalize, customize and make your own. Another great way to think about your YOUTUBE channel is to liken it to a TV channel.

If you love sports you have got ESPN. If you love comedy you have got comedy central. If you love music you have got MTV. We encourage you to think of your videos as the shows on your channel. Just like a TV channel, your YOUTUBE channel must have some big idea that can be translated into a cohesive brand.

Anytime someone watch one of your videos, they consider subscribing to the whole channel. That’s the importance of your brans. Each video should give people good idea of what the whole channel has to offer.

First Steps

The cool thing about starting a YOUTUBE channel is that’s completely free. All you need is a Gmail Address if you don’t have one, create one. Then sign up for YOUTUBE channel. You have to choose a channel’s name. if you are promoting a personal brand or your individual proficiency, the channel name could be as simple as your first and last name.

Another option is to name your channel a creative brand or business name but I recommend both like my channel “HR Training with Mohamed Sabry”. It’s a good idea to secure website URL with your YOUTUBE channel name, even if you don’t use it right.

 The secrets of how to choose your channel name in a way that helps you to be high ranked, you can find a great video attached with my source of this article,
Book Name “ YOUTUBE SECRETS” BY  Sean Cannell & Benji Travis

They said “when we came up with the name “video influencers” we check to make sure the URL was available and purchased it then we went to Instagram, twitter & Facebook, our main social media network and secured our account name on those platforms”

What if your URL or social media handle of choice aren’t available, don’t get stuck here? It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go with that channel name. just pick the closest thing you can get and don’t worry about it. 

Ex: maybe you see your user name for twitter is longer than the length of username’s twitter so you can handle it with no problem. by protecting your name across your channel, website and social media profiles you protect yourself for future opportunities.

You are starting small but someday, if your channel becomes huge you might want to promote products and do many things that haven’t even crossed your mind. Because I believe way 2 e-business would be a very big name as I made my brand name in the middle east as a famous HR Consultant in the previous 3 years ago. And I believe in god because efforts mean success.

Become a Stand Out

Now you have created your channel and you have picked a name, you need to fill out a couple of key Areas. 1) select an avatar, that’s the small square image beside your channel name. if it’s your personal channel, find a nice headshot. If it’s a brand, you might use a logo. Whatever you choose, you need to make it eye-catching, interesting and clear.

The second area is your YOUTUBE cover art. This is a big banner at the top of your channel page and it give people their first impression of your content. When someone lands on your channel page, you have at most 5 seconds to form their opinion their opinion of you.

Your cover art must grape their attention and create the right impression. Make sure it communicates who the channel is for, what it’s about, why it should matter to the viewer. A 3rd area to fill out your channel page is your social media account. YOUTUBE make it easy to link to all your active social media profiles as well as your website

4th area to fill out “about” page. We recommend not only not only introducing who you are and what the channel is about but also clearly articulating what people can expect from it, why it will help them and what value it provides.

Sometimes people get focused by the word “me” many times like “this channel is about me”, “it’s about my thoughts” we don’t recommend that kind of language. Use the word “you” more, so it reads something like “you can expect videos, live streams, entertainment” you can also contain an e-mail account here.

Lastly, we want to tell you that we purchased many many e-book about YOUTUBE and marketing strategies, algorithms but we recommend


is the most practical, effective book about YOUTUBE in addition many videos attached inside this book and really it has secrets you can’t find these secrets outside this Book. I didn’t get any dollar from the authors to tell you that but that’s my real believes. Good luck  

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