Story Of My Life With Passion

Hello I’m Mohamed Sabry from Way2ebusiness channel. I’m here to ask you a question .. Did you know what is your passion?

You never know when passion will strike.

When your skills, knowledge, and experiences will grant you an opportunity to change your life and take it places you never thought possible.

This is my story, and I hope that it will inspire you to take a step on yours.

For me, my moment of career change came while I was taking a workshop on human resources management. I didn’t expect much from the experience going in, mainly hoping to come away with some information that I could use back in my office.

We’ve all been in workshops where the trainer drones on and you are only there to check a box for your employer.

However, this one course struck me with something that would change my life. I was asked to prepare some subjects to present and explain to my colleagues

It was something that I never thought that I could do, but I went ahead and presented my knowledge.

It was a change that I’d never expected, I had found a passion within myself to teach and share experiences.

The workshop instructor was impressed as well.

It was on the last day of that workshop that he presented me with an opportunity – to join his training center team.

He would give me all of the tools I needed to become an instructor myself.

I had never considered training before, never thought that I would have knowledge and skills that others would find useful.

Before I was offered the spot in the training company, I was working as an HR supervisor & It was a good job

to take this next step would mean changing my priorities. I decided to take the leap and spent two years earning my MBA from Missouri State University.

From there, I kept earning new certifications and building my credentials as an expert. While I was taking another training course, I decided that I would begin sharing my journey.

This was in the early days of online engagement, and the internet has changed a lot, but it was those first steps that set me on this journey to create a new career.

I wanted to bring my skills and knowledge to other audiences. The internet allowed me to share my vision with as many people as possible.

I began building on online profile and sharing information that had not been available in that form before. I started with my background and began to expand from there.

This started as sharing case studies through articles that were shared on Facebook and on other platforms.

I used my experiences and knowledge to bring case studies to professionals around the world. I began thinking about the digital marketing and other venues to expand my reach.

I began recording my voice over slideshows and posting them online. One of my professors saw it and told me he enjoyed my presentation style.

He encouraged me to get in front of the camera, and for a long time I avoided it.

More articles and slideshows later, I decided it was finally time to face the camera.

I began recording and sharing my videos. At first, I used what I had on hand, a cell phone. I began to dislike this pretty early on so I began reaching out to videographers around the internet.

When I made that purchase of a Canon 700d, the camera I still use today. I knew that I was in this for the long haul.

That’s not to say it was easy, I realized that there was still a lot to be learned about shooting a video.

I needed a better quality lens, better lighting, and at the time I had no idea what I was doing. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of money learning the ropes.

There are a big surprise, mainly I have no place of my own to shoot my videos! And no budget for rent. Guess, What can I do?

During this time, I was still working as a human resources manager and my office after work hours became the space for expanding my career.

This was a huge risk on my part. I had no idea if my employer would mind or if it was a place I could work securely for hours at a time.

I kept my equipment in the back corner of my office and would film after everyone else had gone home for the day.

It was tough. From start to finish the process of filming a video usually took about 4-5 hours, including packing and unpacking the equipment.

I was self-taught, so then I would have even more hours of editing or re-filming parts that I had messed up.

After a while, I realized I needed some training. After all, I was advocating for further learning. I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t love learning myself. I found a very helpful course and began using the techniques in my videos.

I kept working diligently, putting out the best content that I could.

After about six months, I discovered that my name had become known amongst human resource employees and other professionals.

When I attended events, people wanted to meet me and ask for my ideas. I had helped them professionally and they wanted to say thanks. I had inspired others to take a similar road.

It was all of this dedication and work that has brought me to where I am today. I found a love of something, pursued as much education as I could, and then put my skills and experience to good use.

I’ve now entered the next phase of my career where I have taken all of the work I had done and am bringing that to the front to help other professionals make video courses, websites, and graphic design for their own pursuits.

I have been constantly learning since 2000, and it is never too late to transfer your skills and try something new. I started teaching within my previous career, but have grown beyond.

Now I am happy to bring those skills and experiences to you, a new group of online professionals. This system that I have created helped me succeed in my career and expand my business online.

I have achieved a great income and I believe that the systems of learning and growing I have designed for myself can work for anyone want to start online business.

Do you have knowledge and skills you want to turn into a new chapter in your business? I’m here to share them with you and help you get the best start that you can.

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Best wishes and good luck.

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