YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019 for Bebinners

Hello with you mohamed sabry from way2ebusiness. A video of today is about how to create a paid ad on YouTube. It’s a step by step workshop.

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Lets start the step by step workshop to practice how to create a paid ad on YouTube After this….

Now we will start the workshop of creating a paid ad on YouTube. The first thing you need to do is open your browser weather google chrome or internet explorer or other but I prefer google chrome and enter in the address bar “”.

 Before we start I need you to confirm that you already update your credit card that you will pay with. The question is , how can I update my credit card in google adwards? Go to the top right of the window and click on your logo then click on “ my account”

You will find a vertical bar on the left and try to find “payment & subscription” and click on it. on the page opened you can see “payment method” and manage payment method link when you click on it you will see a page opened contains your credit cards that previously registered and you can add payment method as well and click on save.

That’s about how to add your credit card data so it must be entered and your account must be activated.

How to create a paid ad on YouTube? when you go to, on the vertical left menu you can find “Campaign” click on it. After the page opened please click on “+” and from the menu appear click on “new campaign” which multiple options will be appeared in boxes:

  • Sales: ( drive sales online ) you can use this option in case of you target sell a specific product
  • Leads: you can use this option if you target collecting customer’s data who’s interested with your products or services or two by videos ad that providing a free video training or downloading e-book after the user enter his e-mail for example. So leads and other conversion by encourage customer to take action.
  • Web traffic: we can use this option to maximize the traffic of the website by clicking the user on the ad and they go to a website
  • Product and brand consideration: we can use this option to encourage people to explore our products and services we provide
  • Brand awareness & reach: we can use this option to improve the awareness of the brand and reach a high volume of visitors that interested in our brand
  • APP Promotion : we can use this option when we own a mobile application weather on android or ios system and we need to increase the awareness with the app and increase the numbers of downloads of the App
  • Create Campaign without Goal Guidance : that option is the option we will use today to know all features and preferences of the Ad because it’s not specialized for a specific purpose and by choosing this option you can see a various other options depending on it :
    • Search : this option used to make your Ad appears in the top search results when some users search for one of the keywords you entered when you setup your Ad.
    • Display : this option make your Ad containing an image with text & link located under this image. When the user click on that link he go to a specific page on your website.
    • Shopping : which your Ad will be about your products page that contain many products or services
    • Video :  that option is the option we will use today to make a video Ad on YouTube
    • App : this option we use it to make an Ad for a mobile application weather android app or ios app

Once we clicked on “video” option, 2 additional options appears : standard video campaign , Ad Sequence. The second option “ AD sequence” is an advanced option so we will discuss it in another video.

To day we will use the first option “ standard video campaign “ then you need to enter a “ campaign name “ .

The campaign we are preparing today is about a training course specialized for human resource management professionals who have minimum 2 years experience, so the campaign name is “ PHRI certification – ramadan”.

The next part is related with budget. Google provide a new option here that you can decide a total campaign budget in addition a daily budget or instead and I recommend this new option because if you use “daily budget “ option and forget to enter the end date of the campaign so google continue to charge from your credit card on a daily basis until you surprised that your credit card become empty.

The next part is a start and end date, so you have to choose the start date of the campaign and end date too. When you enter the end date maybe Google Ad after review for approval period, told you that the campaign will end very soon. In this case I prefer to edit the end date with “no end” and once your budget is finished, the campaign will be stopped automatically.

About the start date we will choose an option “ as soon as the approval is done” and about the end date if we assume that we want a campaign still running for a one week so today is 23 and it takes 2 days for approval I means it will start on 25 so the end date will 2nd June

The next part is bidding strategy : here you can find many options but only 2 options are activated . the 2 options are maximum cpv , target cpm. Here I will choose maximum cpv refer to cost per view so I will pay by video view but CPM refers to cost by impression so it means I will pay by impression even the video is not played

The next part called Network; in this part I can decide a place of the Ad which appear so you have 3 options here:

  • YouTube Search results: whenever anyone search for the content of your video , your Ad will be appeared on the top of search results
  • YouTube Video : your video Ad will be appeared within another video on YouTube weather before or within or after another video
  • Video partner on the display network :  we are not recommend to check this option if your budget is limited so uncheck this option if not checked

The next part is “Language” because of the course is targeted to Arabic speakers or who don’t speak English or speak English with fair level and it’s our competitive advantage. Start enter Arabic and check it from the menu appears.

Next is Location, we check “ enter another location “ we want to target Saudi Arabia so I will choose Jedda, El Rheyad and you can choose it by click on target word in front of city name. by that way the Ad will be viewed to people who located in Jedda, El Rheyad city

if you observe we choose a one country though we are targeting many countries .. why? Because for example the ads targeting Saudi Arabia is more costly compared with Ads targeting Egypt so if you create a one campaign that target many countries in the same campaign, you will pay depending on the highest rate or most video views for the video Ad conducted in the high rate country so we prefer to target one country to guarantee the full usefulness.

The next part is “content exclusion” or the content you don’t want your video Ad appeared on it.  So here google provide you many classifications for the exclusion and about us we need to exclude a sexual content.

The next part is related to devices like mobile, tablet and TV. And we didn’t make any changes on it because we want our video Ads viewed on all.

Frequency Capping : this option is used to decide how many times the video Ad can be viewed by the same user.

Cap view frequency : how many time your Ad can get a view interaction from the same user , so we choose 2 times for the same user.

Schedule : Are you want your Ad to be viewed all the day or you want to decide specific time which your Ad running on this time.

The next part is “Ad Group” and we need to name this Ad Group, we call it “phri 2019 – ramadan” this part is used to decide what is a target audience. So this part contains 2 items : demographics & audience.

When we click  on the arrow beside “demographics” we can find that it contains form 4 items :

  • Gender : we will leave all checks selected as it is with no changes
  • Age : we assumed that the person finish the university studies when they have 22 years old and to attend this course you need to have at least 2 years’ experience in hr so we will decide the age for the Ad starting from 24 years old upto 50.
    so we need to uncheck some option 18-24, over 50 and unknown so by that way we guarantee actually that the Ad will be viewed by people have the age range we decided 
  • Parental status : we will leave all options as it is without any changes because a person who attend this course maybe single or married.
  • Household income : is not activated for arab country.

There are other options for targeting like “Audience” but the more the use of targeting methods works to narrow the target segment. The first thing here is a content, let start with a search field to search for interests, careers or job titles depending on the target segment.

For example, the target segment of our Ad today are peoples work in human resource management. Lets see the results :

  • Employment in executive and management jobs
  • Peoples who work in a career consulting service company
  • People who work in a recruitment and staffing service company
  • Clerical and administrative in employment company

The next part is related to bidding, what is bidding? It’s means how much did you want to pay for one video view? Generally when we pay with a dollar currency in most situations the fees is not exceeding 10 cents per view so we can start with 10 cents or 1.75 egy piasters, the 1.5 then 1.25 and so on  but this bid is not fixed along the campaign so we need to follow the result of the campaign from the first day, if you find that the daily budget doesn’t paid completely you can reduce the bid gradually.

The next part is an Ad itself, we need to copy the link of the video from your youtube channel and past it in the campaign here. I previously prepare my YouTube channel and the video page. This is the video select the link and press CTRL+C and go to the campaign page and past the link here. Yes the AD is appeared now

And now we can start decide the place of the Ad, let looking for all options :

  • Instream Ad : this option means that your video will be shown within other video on YouTube weather before, within or after it
  • Video Discovery Ad : this option means that your video appears in the top search results when someone search about your video content on YouTube
  • Bumper Ad : this option specialized for videos not exceeding 6 sec in length and the pros for this option that the viewer can’t skip the Ad so he forced to view the Ad to the end but to use this option you must change a bidding strategy to CPM ( cost per impression ) not CPV ( cost per view ) and offcourse a video couldn’t exceed the 6 sec.

The next part is a final url, is the link that takes the viewer to a specific page when he is clicking on the Ad. This page is a sales page and now we need to copy its link and past it in the field of final url

Display Url : this is an alias link that appears in the Ad for a viewer and mostly google adward put it automatically so you need to alter it if it’s tall

The next is companion banner, this the banner which appears on computer only and doesn’t appears on mobile or tablet and you can fond it over other videos.

Here you have too options :

  • Auto Generate : Google Ads generate a frame of a video and convert it as a banner image
  • Upload an image : this option give you the flexibility to upload the image you have on your storage device, that’s it the banner we prepared.

The last step now to enter the Ad name “ PHRI 2019- ramadan offer “ by this step we finish the campaign setup on YouTube .

Lets observe that you can review the Ad in the middle of the campaign’s page weather on desktop or mobile version and on the right side you can see the campaign estimate and read that “ depending on the campaign’s budget  1600 L.E, bid 1.75 and other settings it’s expected for this Ad to achieve from 1700 views to 4300 views  and from 6000 imp to 17000 imp

To start publish this campaign and get approval, we need to click on Save and continue

Now, the workshop is finished today and I hope you liked it and see it useful for you . I’m waiting for your questions, suggestions in a comment area below for any improvement you prefer or videos you need.

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My best wished from Mohamed Sabry . Way2ebusiness

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