Great YouTube Video

One of the biggest areas for improvement I notice when viewing a new YouTuber’s channel is the structure of their video. so if a viewer ever feels your video is boring, uninformative, or droning on, they’ll quickly leave without a second, here are some general tips you can incorporate into your video to improve viewer retention and engagement.

Tips for Creating an Engaging Video

During the editing process, think like a Ninja and cut anything that doesn’t add to the story. As creators, we often feel that everything we shoot is important. But you’ve got to be ruthless with what goes and what stays. If your first draft edit is 10 minutes long, see if you can shorten scenes or cut them entirely to get it down to 8 minutes or 5 minutes.

Keep it moving :

When recording and editing your video, make sure the story is always moving relatively quickly. Viewers can easily get bored so if you talk about the same subject for too long or hold on the same scene for too long, they might abandon your video entirely!

Be Positive and Happy!

People like seeing other people smile. I often catch myself smiling ear-to-ear when watching a YouTube video, and it’s always because the person on the screen is smiling and having a good time. It really is contagious!

When we smile, it releases chemicals in our brain that make us happy. Don’t you want your viewer to have a happiness chemical explosion when watching your video? Of course you do – what better way to keep them coming back!

The Formula

If you’re still feeling a little confused or not exactly sure how you can improve the format of your videos to make them more engaging, here’s a general formula you can follow for your videos:

  1. Start with an intro – Explain within the first 15 seconds who you are, what you are doing and what the viewer is going to learn by watching. If your video is solely for entertainment purposes, try to hype up what’s coming up in the video. Get the user excited to stick around!
  2. show off your brand – the intro is a great opportunity to show off your brand. Many creators opt to insert a fancy animation but others create their own short brand sequence just to show who they are.
  3. Provide value to the viewer – Now that you’ve setup the video with a short intro and established your brand, it’s time to provide value for the viewer. If your video is informative in nature, stick to the most powerful points and describe them in a brief manner. This will help the content move along quickly so the viewer doesn’t get bored.

    If your video is more entertainment-based, make sure to keep the scenes and story moving and to keep the energy up throughout the video. As a rule of thumb, try not to stay on the same scene for more than 10 seconds.
  4. Finish with a Call-to-action – Think about it, if a viewer has sat through your entire video, they are probably pretty likely to subscribe, comment or like your video! All they need is a little nudge and BAM, new subscriber.

    So, make sure to end your videos by asking your viewer to subscribe, comment, like and to share your video if they found it entertaining or helpful. You’d be surprised how much growth you’ll see from this small gesture!

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