free online digital marketing course with certificates

Now you can Master the basics of digital marketing with a free course accredited by Google, Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. There are 25 modules provided in 40 hours in video, all created by Google trainers, packed with practical exercises and real world examples to help you turn knowledge into action.

Marketing Strategies For WordPress & WooCommerce Websites

marketing strategy

If you have a WordPress website, you probably know it’s hard to grow in this day and age. With so much competition online, how do you stand out to your audience? Even more, if you’re using your website to sell products through WooCommerce, you’re entering into a very competitive world of e-commerce. While you shouldn’t … Continue reading Marketing Strategies For WordPress & WooCommerce Websites

The Ultimate Guide to YouTube SEO

The Ultimate Guide to YouTube SEO. So you have a nice channel header, tools installed, and your videos are amazingly awesome and uploaded regularly.